About Me

So you want to know more about me personally?


I am in my late-thirties, and am the happily married mom of one very rambunctious boy, who is homeschooled, and our newest addition, another boy, born in 2017.  We live right here in Winslow with lots of extended family around.


My name is Cicely Gutierrez and I am

a portrait & lifestyle photographer serving the Winslow, Arizona community. 

I also teach the only Childbirth Classes currently available in Winslow.


I have been a photographer since the late 1990s and have developed a style that I love to explore with every session. I especially enjoy outdoor, natural light photography, but I also have a portable studio and love doing studio portraits as well.


I am also a birth photographer, childbirth educator, and a doula. I specialize in supporting pregnancy loss, fatal diagnosis, and miscarriage or stillbirth. To learn more about those services, please go to my birth website HERE